Sunday, August 11, 2013

Estes Display Stands

Estes came out with the new rocket display stands a while back.
A cool design looking like the old Porta Pad. Yellow was the standard launcher color back then.
Compared to other available display stands they are at a great price at three for $7.50 retail.

On TRF, Ring Leader did a pictorial review of the new Estes Display Stands.
One of his "Cons" -
"Motor hook does not engage the stand and stays deflected which makes the rocket skew a few degrees off vertical. Some may not like this but it's fine for me and not super noticeable."
rebelknap added:
"Perhaps a small hole cut in the stand centers to accommodate the hooks?"

I did that on probably the cheapest homemade stands out there:

1. Glue together two layers of cardboard, about 3 1/2" square.
2. Mark the centers.
3. Trace around an engine casing.
4. Cut through one layer of cardboard making a round hole .
5. Glue in a used casing
6. Slide the model down and mark where the engine hook bend touches the casing
7. Drill a round hole about where the engine hook touches the casing side.

Pros: Cheap and they work.
Cons: Not much to look at.


  1. do yo have any model rocket launch pad designs for C-65 to E motors?

  2. I don't understand your question.
    This is a response to a post on cheap home made stands. Your question is about launchers?
    If it is about launchers I really don't have any plans for launchers using C - E engines.
    An Estes or Quest style launcher is fine for A - C engines with a 1/8" X 3' launch rod.
    D & E engines should use a 3/16" diameter rod.
    Odd'l Rockets .com makes an ADEPTOR". It adapts a launch rod to a camera tripod. Check distributors to purchase.