Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dr. Zooch Ares I-X Build, Part 4, Shrouds

As I usually do, scans were made so I can print out more shrouds and the tube wraps if I screw things up.
I tend to print extra shrouds and make up four or five. I check the fit and then use the best one.

Cut out the SRB shroud.
Here I'm running some 400 grit along the curves sides to smooth off any high spots. They are there, just run your finger over the edge and you can feel them.

Don't pre-form a shroud by pulling it over the edge of a table top, try the method shown in the picture.
Roll over it in the heel of your hand with a smooth burnisher or clean dowel.
You only have to try this once to see how well it works. The curve will be smoother with no creases.

I roll my shrouds with the printing on the inside. Sometimes it's hard to cover printer ink with spray paint.
This makes it a little harder to line up the overlap tab but the finished look will be cleaner.

A glue stick was used and the overlap tab clamped with tweezers while it dried.


  1. I've never made a paper shroud before. I feel it's something I need to learn to do, but cutting curved shapes with a hobby knife is not something I'm good at!

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Like I've mentioned before, make scans and print off a few. First timers make up the single shroud supplied in the kit and you are stuck with that one result.
      If you aren't good with a knife, you'll get better results using sharp scissors to cut the curved top and bottom. Use your knife and straightedge to cut the straight sides.

  2. Replies
    1. I feel the same way Bill!
      I just replaced all the faucets, fixtures and lights in three bathrooms.
      I figure plumbers and electricians are just regular guys, too. Armed with YouTube knowledge I fumbled at first, but did it and saved a bundle.
      If they can do it - anyone can.