Sunday, March 26, 2017

Estes Nike Smoke #7247 Build, Part 11, Ends and Edges

On the left is the longer Estes nose cone shoulder. The pencil mark shows how long the Centuri nose cone shoulder was.

The inset picture shows the original slot cut at 1" above the tube end. The new slot marking is at the desired 1 7/8" mark from the bottom.

Before painting with primer/filler I had to fill the seam in the short BT-5 body tube extending out the top of the nose cone.

The entire nose cone was shot with primer/filler. I didn't sand the entire surface staying away from the raised hatch and bolts. The bolts got a rubbing with a soft cloth to smooth out some of the rough surface.

The fins got a primer/filler shot and careful sanding.
This filler is your last step in getting a sharp edge on the tapered fins. Notice how the filler on the raised edges is not sanded off but helps define the sharp high edge.


  1. Nothing to do with your posts but, thought you should know that is back up (in a limited way). A few Estes kits on special. Odd'l rocket kits not yet available, hopefully soon. No motors yet. But good to see Roger & Bracha slowly coming back online.

    1. Thanks BAR,
      I knew they were close! I have been to their new house two times and they've been busy. I'll call them when I get back to Orlando.