Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Estes Nike Smoke #7247 Build, Part 13, Fluorescent Paint

The entire model - fins, tube and nose cone - got an overall coat of gloss white.
Next up are the fins. three are fluorescent red-orange the fourth fin is fluorescent yellow.

These diamond shaped fins take a little time to mask. You have six flat side surfaces to mask. After that, three smaller pieces of Scotch tape go around the top and bottom edges.
In total, I used 12 pieces of tape to mask one fin.

A 1" piece of masking tape easily fit between two adjacent fins. More masking tape was place around the body tube and held the plastic grocery bag covering the top of the body tube.

Masking the three red/orange fins took twenty minutes.

TIP: I use a Q-tip to seal down the tape edges. It's better than a sharpened dowel or a fingernail that might scar a fin.

TIP: Fluorescent paints look best over a bright white undercoat. "Glow" paints are almost translucent and require an even white base.

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