Saturday, March 25, 2017

Estes Nike Smoke #7247 Build, Part 9, 18mm Engine Mount

The lower centering ring is recessed inside the body tube.

I can go ahead and give the inside edge a coat of CA glue. The glue fillet around the lower ring will be above the CA glue ring.

TIP: When you mark the engine mount tube for the centering rings and engine hook slit, mark the tube in more than one location.
If all marks are in the same line, your centering ring marks will be covered by the engine hook.

I punched a small recess in the upper ring where the engine hook will sit.
The inset picture shows the lower centering ring and hook recess.

The instructions show the upper ring glued almost even with the top of the engine tube. I glued mine lower and over the upper bend of the engine hook. This make a stronger hold over the top of the engine hook in the thin BT-20 tubing.

This mount got the replaceable Kevlar treatment. Black electrical tape holds the Q-tip guide tube in place.

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