Tuesday, March 7, 2017

TRA and The Naked Gun!

Here's an older blog post that never seemed to get posted:
A Email from Roger Smith

"Here's one for your blog ...

At the end of the credits for the movie "The Naked Gun" (which is on Netflix) it says "The Producers Wish To Thank The Following For Their Cooperation In The Production Of This Film" and, in the list, is "Tripoli Rocketry Association."


I searched for an explanation and the only thing I found is a note on IMDB that refers to it as a "Crazy Credit": "
Near the ending : Special Thanks to : Tripoli Rocketry Association (ref to the scene in which the car with the villain in it crashes into a mobile scud launcher before crashing into a fireworks store) (However, this may be a legitimate thanks for the use of the name, because the Association exists.)"

I thought for a moment that we had discovered the true source of the name TRA .. but the movie was released two years after TRA was founded!" -- Roger

P.S. I searched both TRF and Yorf for references to the TRA credit in "The Naked Gun" and didn't find any.  It's surprising that no one noticed it in more than twenty years.

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