Thursday, March 23, 2017

Estes Nike Smoke #7247 Build, Part 7, 24mm Engine Mount

I'm making two Nike Smoke kits, one with the standard 18mm engine mount, the other with a 24mm mount with the Enerjet smoking nose cone.
First up is the 24mm engine mount.

I used the kits 18mm centering rings to make 24mm rings.
A D engine casing was set in the center and traced with a sharp pencil. The new larger centers were carefully cut out.

220 grit sandpaper was wrapped around the expended 24 mm casing and light sanding brought it to the correct fit around a BT-50H engine tube.

The tubes were punched for an engine hook relief (at the bottom)
The upper smaller holes are for a cotton swab plastic tube. The mount will have a replaceable Kevlar line feature. The small tube will guide the Kevlar through from the bottom centering ring tie.


  1. I've seen you enlarge centering rings a number of times on this blog. I'm curious how you get them centered so well. Do you just eyeball it? I can never center anything that precisely just by sight.

    1. Hi Daniel,
      I do "eyeball" it, but it usually takes two or three tries pencil tracing around an engine casing to get it perfectly centered.

  2. Did you launch yet?