Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Estes Skydart II #3229 Build, Step 24, Pop Pod Chute Packing TIP

There's not much room for the parachute and shroud lines between the BT-20 pop pod and the BT-50 main air frame body tube. Careful packing can insure a good ejection and quick opening of the chute.
My first attempts at packing the chute were frustrating. Rolling a chute around a pop pod will take practice. Be sure to dust the chute with talcum powder before packing the day of flight.

The shroud lines can really get in the way when sliding the pop pod all the way into the glider body. You'll be better off with the shroud lines under the parachute.
Start by rolling the lines forward of the tape attachment wrap. Two wraps forward, then start back down for one long wrap crossing over the top lines.

(You might end up spiking the chute, then do the initial shroud line wraps shown above.)
Spike the parachute as normal and lay the "triangle" down the tube over the lines with the tip an inch back from the top.

Center the length of the parachute down the tube. While keeping the tip tight against the tube. (inset picture) Tightly roll the top side around the tube and tuck it under the low side. The thumb holds the tucked side in.
Keep the tip flat and tight against the pod body tube.
Roll the open low side up and over the tucked in side.

Hold the chute rolled up tight and flat as you slide the pod into the body tube. Turning the pop pod can help as you slide it all the way into the tube.

Practice packing the chute a few times before you go to the launch site. With all the distractions on launch day you'll be glad you had some dry runs.

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