Sunday, March 12, 2017

N.E.F.A.R. Launch Bunnell, FL March 11, 2017

There were a LOT of cars at the field by the time Lonnie B. and I arrived at 10:00 a.m. More cars extended just as far to the right side of the picture.
The low power pads were busy. In addition to the mid-power and high power away pads there was also a hybrid competition.
Check out the flag, the wind restricted many possible flights.

My Quest X-15 was launched first with a German Quest B6-4. After reaching an estimated 325' it drifted back to the flight line and hit a truck tailgate. Two fins were broken off, only one was found.

The upcoming Odd'l Rockets F-16 had another test flight with an Estes C6-5. Some altitude was lost when it flew into the wind. I had switched out the 12" chute for a long streamer. The clear canopy popped off on landing.
My final launch was the Estes SOLAR WARRIOR with a D12-5. It probably got to 750'. The spill-holed chute was tangled and it fell fast. One fin broken off.
Recently I've had a string of great launches with little damage. Then you have a day like today with too many broken fins.

I only had three launches today. I had hoped to launch my Estes Nike Smoke with an Enerjet smoking nose cone but thought the smoke effect could be lost in the wind gusts.
I also wanted to try the Skydart but couldn't even do any test trim glides with all the wind.


  1. Too bad about the damage - wind can be a real pain! Glad you didn't launch your Enerjet Nike Smoke and end up damaging it, that would be heartbreaking.

    1. Hi Openroad,
      Even though the models were landing on a grass field, the chutes were smaller with good sized spill holes to compensate for the wind. Yesterday recovery walks were long! The models were falling faster than I would have liked.

  2. Always glad to see your F-16 on the launch pad. That means with each launch were getting closer to bring it out for sale. I'm ready to pull the trigger on it when it's ready.

    1. Hi Frank,
      Tonight I spent another three hours working on the instructions! Some suggestions at the launch led me to change the order of the steps. This is a great flyer with B6-4 and C6-5 engines.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing the F-16 available also.

    If you have not tried it - Micro Krystal Klear is excellent for gluing on and holding canopies in place.

    1. Hi Moontana,
      Thanks for the tip! I haven't tried the Micro Krystal Clear. I don't know if I should add that to the instructions, I like list "tools and supplies" as things the average modeler already has on hand. I will check that stuff out though -