Thursday, March 2, 2017

Estes Skydart II #3229 Build, Part 8, Nacelles

TIP: I filled the seams with CWF and used primer filler before splitting the body tubes to make the nacelles. It would be harder to fill the seams if the tubes were cut in two first. The cut tubes would be flimsy.

TIP: Use the yellow engine block spacer tube to reinforce the tube end when cutting the end angles.
As with all tube cutting, use light passes instead of trying to cut through with one try.

I first thought the tube ends would end up flat but they do have a curve.

Wrap some 220 around an expended D engine casing to get a curved sanding surface.

The cut end tips aren't easy to get smooth, they'll want to delaminate.
TIP: If you have a tube end with a inside lifting lamination, glue it down with white glue first. For some reason, CA glues don't work as well when trying to glue down a raised inside tube edge.
After the white glue dries, then give the end tips a wipe of CA glue, let dry and sand again. You should be able to sand off any fuzzed out edges.

Note the pencil line running down the tube. This was redrawn using my aluminum angle.

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