Thursday, March 30, 2017

Estes Nike Smoke #7247 Build, Part 15, Which Fluorescent Paint? TIPS

Questions in a comment from BAR Geezer -

Hey Chris, Two questions for you:
1. Are you using Rustoleum Specialty Fluorescent paint?
2. Was the base coat on the fins the same gloss white as the rest of the rocket? I sprayed fluorescent paint on a glossy undercoat once and it slid around and cracked! Got better results with a flat undercoat.
Did you use several light coats, drying in between? How many coats? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks.

Well, that was four questions!
These are worth doing a post on, the right fluorescent color (especially the Red-Orange) is hard to find.

I went with two different brands. Ace Hardware was the only store that had the "Rocket Red" color which actually dries a Red/Orange color.
The Rusto Fluorescent Yellow was from Home Depot.

Here's the catalog numbers and bar codes from the back. Red is on the left, Yellow on the right.

The base coat was Rusto 2X gloss white.
I don't use flat colors (even on scale models) because they get dirty too easily.

I didn't have any problems spraying the fluorescent paints on the gloss white.
Fluorescent paints go on very thin, they almost look like water colors when applied. I probably did four light coats, I didn't use a "wet" final final coat with the fluorescents.
I usually let the first light sprays dry for five to ten minutes between coats.

Always read the directions and follow the recoat time recommendations. Recoat times will vary between different vendors and type of paints from the same manufacturer.

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