Thursday, March 9, 2017

Estes Skydart II #3229 Build, Part 17, White Paint

I had to compromise on painting this one. I wanted it smooth and gloss white but use a minimum of paint to keep the weight down.

Years ago I had the Estes Citation Bomarc, the first design was a pop-pod boost glider. I painted it as normal (with spray paint) and it glided very well.
I'm not interested in contest glide times and I want to get it back. I also want it to glide fairly well.

The picture shows one light coat of Rusto 2X gloss white. I had to sand down some of the glue fillet boogers. It'll need another light  coat.

After sanding the fillets some paint was removed at the stab joint. After the second coat of white I still had to go back with a brush and touch up the light areas.
I didn't do my last "heavier coat" of spray paint. Usually that last coat gives an overall gloss. But, not on this model! Keep it light!

Enlarge the picture - Just to the left of the blade you can see a horizontal lint line. I removed it with a razor blade.
Only raised the back side a very slight amount so you won't cut into the paint. You almost glide the blade over the surface until you "hit" the side of the lint. Continue to lightly push through the lint and you should be able to shave off the raised area.

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