Monday, March 6, 2017

Estes Skydart II #3229 Build, Part 12, Primer / Filler

All the wood parts got a one good shot of Duplicolor Primer/Filler before assembly.

The rudder in the back is before sanding, the rudder in front is after sanding with 400 grit.
Where some builder look at primer as a paint prep, this primer/filler is used for a final wood grain fill.
Enlarge the picture to see some of the gray filler left in the remaining wood gran.
I was curious how much weight was added after CWF and sanding then primer/filler and sanding. The weight of the bare wood parts before any filling was 0.93 oz. The final weight of the filled three main wood pieces after sanded CWF and sanded primer/filler was 1.16 oz.
The total filler weight was 0.23 oz.

Notice how most all the primer/filler is sanded off. For me it's not so much for priming the surface, I use it more for filling any remaining wood grain. After a single coat of CWF and sanding there is usually some remaining grain lines left.

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