Saturday, March 11, 2017

Estes Skydart II #3229 Build, Part 20, Decals

Instead of going with the new decal placement, I went with the original kit layout.
To see the instructions from the first kit: CLICK HERE

Always do a dry fit to figure out the visual spacing.
The canopy decal goes slightly forward from what is shown in the picture.

The stab decal sports the Estes logo. Normally I don't include company logos, everybody at a club launch knows who produced the kit. On this decal I'm stuck with it!
The old instructions mention cutting the canopy decal in three sections to better fit the nose cone contour. I didn't find this necessary. Wherever a wrinkle showed up I simply stretched the decal sides to flatten them out.
A wet rolled Q-tip helped "iron out" the sides and get rid of any small creases.

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