Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Estes Skydart II #3229 Build, Part 15, Lug Cut and Gluing

Cut a launch lug with a knife alone and you'll end up with a crooked and crushed end.
In the past I have cut launch lugs by sliding a dowel inside the straw for support. This is probably a better idea.

TIP: Mark the cut line all the way around the lug.
Turn and slide a Q-tip into the lug until the cotton tip is centered at the cut line. The cotton supports the lug wall during the cutting pressure.

I extended out the blade on my brake off knife. This allows me to roll the longer blade over the pencil cut line.
Go slow and make sure the blade is perpendicular to the lug.

Two lugs, both 1" long.
Sand the edges flat with a sanding block.

Notice how the lug sits under the wing.
To keep the glue from getting everywhere, apply a line of glue inside the two contact points shown in pencil.
The glued lugs were set in place using long tweezers. You'll have a difficult time getting the lugs into that tight corner without getting glue everywhere.

Check the alignment of the two lugs by sighting from the back. I found the rear lug can easily go out of alignment.

GOTCHA: Don't glue the nose cone in as shown on the bottom right of page four. You'll need to install the clay weight later on when balancing the model and finding the C/G. You'll find the C/G point (5" from the rear) hidden on the back of the smaller parts list page.

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