Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Estes Alien Invader Paint Fix - Part 2, TIP

Here's the front and back after the flat clear was shot.
The light spraying of acrylic dries almost instantly. If you enlarge the pciture the black might look splotchy. That's just the low pixel resolution. The black actually looks very even now.

This is the angled mask over the transition decal wrap.
Look close and you can see a little of the gum residue from the edge of the tape.
I sprayed a little glass cleaner on a paper towel, some light rubbing removed it. I used Glass Plus cleaner, not Windex with ammonia. Windex could remove the clear acrylic spray. I just needed a light solvent cleaner.

Gloss paint shows everything! Spraying flat clear acrylic is a great way to cover up some light finishing inconsistencies.
I don't recommend applying a matte finish to lighter colors like white, yellow pink or orange. Light flat finish colors pick up dirt and finger oils quickly! Flat finishes are also harder to clean. On this model the flat finish sprayed over the black won't show any discoloration from handling.

The instructions do say to use gloss black paint, but it looks so much better with the back end in a flat finish.

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