Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Noris Raketen Aggregat - 9, Part 6, Parachute Shelf

A chute shelf is added so the parachute won't shift down inside the tube during boost, possible shifting the Center of Gravity.

The translated instructions don't tell you how to install the shelf. Without some sort of tool to press it in place, this ring will spin around and drive you nuts trying to get it at the correct location - 55mm from the top of the tube.

The inset picture shows the 55mm location and what little room is left for the wadding and parachute with the nose cone shoulder slid in place.

The instructions show the shock cord tied to the ring, another thing to get in the way while trying to glue the ring in place. I tied a Kevlar line to the engine mount earlier.

I learned this from a Sirius Rocketry kit.
TIP: To place the shelf ring, roll a tube of paper a little smaller than the inside diameter of the airframe tube. Tape the tube closed.
Mark the rolled paper at the 55mm mark.
Set the ring inside the end of the tube and slowly press it down inside with the rolled paper up to the 55mm mark.
It might take a few tries to get the ring in the correct place.

With a dowel apply a few dots of glue to tack the ring in place. After that dries a fillet can be added.

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