Friday, November 11, 2016

Noris Raketen Aggregat - 9, Part 8, New Nose Fin Fitting

The top ends of the lower long fins were sanded flush with the body tube end.
On the left you can see the fin is just a bit longer than the body tube.

New nose cone fins were cut longer so they would go to the top of the nose cone, or closer to it.

On the left you can see the fin going beyond the tip of the nose cone.
The sides are wider than the lower fins. After they are glued on to the nose cone the low ends will be sanded to match the lower fin width.

The inset picture shows the inside tip. The nose cone top had a slight bowing out.

After more sanding the nose cone fins match the contour.
The fin tip was sanded to match the height of the nose cone.

Just the leading edge of the fins tops were rounded.
The nose cone had the primer sanded off for better adhesion.
After the fins are glued on the low sides will be sanded to match the lower fins. Then the rest of the leading edge will be rounded.


  1. I sure hope this gets flown at least once - so curious to know how it does. Any guesses on a suitable motor?

    1. Hi Openroad,
      I didn't fly it, it was built for a client.
      It was heavy, set up for 24mm engines. I would go beyond a D12 and use a E18-4? Just a guess.

  2. If your client does fly it I hope you get to post an update. V-2s and all its variations are fascinating...