Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Estes Mini Max #2445 Build, Part 8, Decals From Decals, Tips Part B

The Excelsior art is good but I didn't like the layout of the "kills" decal. The spacing and art sizing seemed off. I wanted something closer to the layout on the standard Red Max model.
I played around with the "bugs" and came up with the art on the right side. Some bugs were resized, some flipped.

I also played with some of the fin decal sizes to get them closer to the scale of the larger Red Max model.

More decal information: Why are some decals printed on white back paper and others on blue backed paper? Both colored papers work the same when soaking and transferring onto the model. On a blue backed decal paper you can actually see a white ink decal.

On some recent Estes kit decals, you have to hold the decal up to a bright light to find the white decals on the sheet!
The upper part of the picture is the white backed decal sheet in normal room light.

The inset picture shows the white invisible decals are revealed when held close to a light bulb.
TIP: Before cutting up a white backed decal sheet, always do a light bulb scan. It's too easy to cut and ruin a usable white decal.

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