Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Larger Semroc Parachutes

I've run across larger Semroc parachutes in some of the bigger models. Most Semroc kits come with 1 mil. printed 12" chutes. This 16" yellow parachute came in the Starship Excalibur model.

The chute plastic is interesting, it has a fine grid texture on both sides. It's probably cut from sheet plastic table covering.

The shroud line attachment tabs are two piece.
At the top are the Tyvek reinforcement pieces. These are "sandwiched" inside a fold of sticky backed paper seen on the left.

The smaller Tyvek pieces center over one of the holes in the self-adhesive tabs.

I'm not touching the adhesive.
It's easier to hold the tab sticky side up on a knife blade. The Tyvek piece is held and placed with tweezers.

The Tyvek side of the tab is set and stuck to the underside of the chute corner.
The tab is folded over and stuck directly over the lower half.

NOTE: After the finished parachute sat for a day the self adhesive tabs were lifting off the plastic sheet. The sticky tabs don't adhere well to the textured sheet. I might have to substitute another parachute. Better yet, go with this parachute and remember to press down the sticky tabs before flight.

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