Thursday, November 17, 2016

Estes Mini Max #2445 Build, Part 1, Parts

Yeah, I know what you are thinking - Why do a build on such a simple, small rocket?
There is going to be some different decal treatments on one of the two Mini Max models I'll be building.
There will be some tips for home printing from online decal scans. Stay tuned -

How could you pass up a Max kit on clearance for $3.29? I grabbed four!

The BT-50 main frame body tube seems a bit rough for Estes. The BT-5 engine mount tube is also rough, it doesn't seem to have a glassiene coating. Most rough tubes seem to smooth out when the primer / filler is sanded down.

Parts of interest:
The injection molded nose cone and clear base.
The decals! The white X882 nose cone decal isn't there.


  1. Molded NC on a MiniMax? Mine is only 5-6 years old and came with a balsa cone.

    1. Hi Phil,
      That's what was included in the four I picked up in the most recent Estes clearance sale. This cone isn't really long enough to be an accurate downscale.