Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Estes Long Tom #3016 Build, Part 2, Engine Mounts

If you've never built a two stage model before:
The engine block (Part B) goes to the bottom of the booster.

On the upper stage mount:
The engine block goes to the top.
It's very important to keep track of where the engine blocks are.

I use my sanding block to press the engine block into the glue.
The flat surface of the block insures the block and tube ends are even.

The ring with the notch goes to the top of the mounts.
On the lower booster, the notch was patched with the nub left left on the punched out center piece.
On the upper mount the notch is left open for a Kevlar tie.

The patch was glued and made even and level with tweezers.

Here's how the engine mounts will lay out. From the outside, they both look the same.
TIP: Mark the blue tubes "Rear" and "Front" so you won't glue them in wrong. I've done that before, play it safe and mark them now. (Yeah I know, I should have properly labeled them forward and aft.)
(Between the two mounts there is no engine hook. That is just a reflection from the backside of my  straightedge ruler.) 

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