Saturday, November 26, 2016

Estes Mini Max #2445 Build, Pink Max Finished

The "Kitty and Crossbones" fin decal didn't get the white layer underneath, it would be too hard to cut it accurately. It's not really noticeable over the light pink paint.
It's a cute rocket and a good companion to the standard size Pink Max rocket.


  1. That's really cool, Chris. It looks like something Rhonda Helman from the NAR Facebook group would build. All her Estes rockets are pink. I just took delivery of the Mega Der Red Max.I have wanted it since I first saw it, and $27 delivered couldn't be passed up.

    1. Hi Metal,
      I've seen Rhonda's pink rockets on Facebook. Where did you find a Mega Red Max for $27.00?

    2. Hey Chris. I got it at Tower Hobbies. I am a Super Saver Club member, so I had $18 in Tower cash from a previous purchase, 10 off $50 as s club member, and free shipping. I've had the MDRM in my carry a number of times, but never could pull the trigger. That Tower cash finally got me to checkout.

    3. Wow! Great savings. I didn't know Tower had that member program.
      Watch out for the BIG decal wrap on the Mega Red Max. Most builder's have problems transferring a water slide decal that large.

  2. Thanks for the head's up Chris, but I will likely go vinyl from Stickershock when I build this. Mark has done cool non-traditional sets for the MDRM.