Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Estes Nike X Kit #1270 Inspiration

Sometimes you find design inspirations when doing image searching.
When the Nike X kit was introduced in 1975, the Estes designers didn't have access to the internet. They were going off what few pictures were released at the time.

While looking up pictures of the Sprint ABM I ran across this.
You can bet the Spartan ABM was the inspiration for the Estes Nike X kit ,#1270.
You can see the instructions courtesy of JimZs; CLICK HERE

The roll pattern was copied. The nose cone fins were made smaller and set back onto the body tube. They looked more like small conduits now. Estes instructions called them a "balsa fairing detail".
The "openings" beneath the middle fins were a simple decal wrap.
A great design based on the real thing.


  1. Actually, Estes should have called the kit the Nike Zeus EX. This missile was later renamed the Spartan. Nike X refers to the entire ABM system, later renamed Sentinel and further downsized again and renamed Safeguard.
    To me, the most intriguing part of the system was the Sprint ABM. Zero to hypersonic in just a few seconds. It looks a lot like the Centuri Point. Hmmmm, maybe another project for me to work on.

    1. Hi BAR Geezer,
      You certainly know more missile history than I do! Thanks for the background. I might be building a Sprint ABM for a client. If i do, it'll be on the blog.

    2. Chris,
      Perhaps you may find this of interest: I found an EMRR review of a Sprint ABM kit from 2000 here:http://archive.rocketreviews.com/reviews/all/oop_sdw_sprint_abm.shtml.
      I don't think Shadow Composites is still in business, but the review gives me an idea of how to build a clone. Cheers!

    3. Hi BAR,
      That's one of the reviews I looked up. And yes, the build I might have coming is the Shadow Composites Sprint ABM.

  2. Hello everyone,
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    Thank You Anonymous.