Thursday, November 24, 2016

Estes Mini Max #2445 Build, Part 9, Decal Application

I still have some grain to fill after the white undercoat was sprayed.
It was hit with more CWF rubbed in with a finger and sanded to surface.
The model was sprayed pink, the nose cone black, no masking!

The "Hits" decal ended up bit wide. I cut off one vertical row off the right side for a better visual fit.

I use a damp Q-tip to roll the air bubbles from the center out to the edges.

The skull and crossbones upper wrap should have a white layer underneath. I can't print white so a white band will go down first.

It's simply cut from a white decal sheet and set down first before the skull and crossbones wrap.
I cut a piece a little smaller than the outside edges of the wrap.
The wrap pieces were set down dry to make sure of the position before transferring.
The white band is soaked and set down first. Be ready, without a clear coat (not really needed for the white underlay) the white decal feels slimy after soaking.

Be sure and let the white decal totally dry before doing the skull and crossbones wrap. The inset picture shows the finished decals.

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