Sunday, November 13, 2016

Launch! Bunnell Blast, November 12, 2016

The two day Bunnell Blast is BIG! Lots of flyers, lots of cars.
The LPR and MPR launchers are set far enough apart so neither has to wait for pads or recovery. Well, that goes for LPR anyway. The MPR launchers were very busy.
The Science Channel was there with a large video crew filming for a rocket special. They weren't able to give out information when it might be broadcast.

There were no winds earlier in the day so I launched my D engine rockets first.
The Quest SHX STILETTO got to 700' with a D12-5 engine. Straight boost with no turns. It landed close, a good start to the day.

My Estes HONEST JOHN had its first flight with another D12-5.
Arrow straight to 700' est.
The inset shot shows the recovery with long shock cord. No damage to the wedge shaped fins on landing - Whew! 

Jim Lytle drove over from the Villages to launch his Estes Saturn V with a D12-3 engine.

Nice slow lift off with apogee around 125'.
The upper section parachute opened, the low section only had one of the two parachutes unfurl.
Everybody holds their breath on a Saturn V D12 launch, waiting for the chutes to open!

My rebuild of the BIG GIRTHA got a boost from two C6-5 engines. Igniters were from my stash of Quest Q2G2s.
That's an 808 video camera taped on the side. (That's masking tape, I forgot the electrical tape)

Great fast boost to around 600' but some drift under a single 14" Quest parachute.
The video is good but there is five fast revolutions during boost.

Here's the two racks of LPR rockets, typical of the days activity. The mid power pads are in the background.

Hanging below the launchers are the white and red PVC tube continuity check buttons. Connect up the clips and press the small red button. If you hear a beep, you are good for launch!

The KOKOPELLI is based on the Thrustline Arapaho. This kit bash was made from two of the Estes clearance sale Monarch kits. A C6-5 got it up to an estimated 575'.
Full parachute eject with no damage when picked up near the MPR launchers.

Last up for me was the classic Estes INTERCEPTOR.
An Estes C6-5 boosted it to about 425'. The full 18" parachute brought it back gently.
Five up, five recovered with no damage - a great day!

It was good to see Brian Urban and Mike Nipper from TTRA, Tampa.
The Bunnell Blast continues tomorrow, Sunday Nov. 13.


  1. Thanks for the coverage Chris. At last I get to see some of the awesomeness while recuperating. I am hoping I will be back in action in December.

  2. Exciting to see that the Science Channel was shooting there! I think there should be more coverage of rocketry. It's exciting, and if more people knew how fun and doable it is, the hobby would grow faster. I mean, if people watch fishing on TV, why not rockets?

  3. Now I am excited to see the footage shot by the Science Channel.

  4. I tried getting video from an 808 on a Viking, but it really spun around way too fast, only a few frames were clear enough for aerial shots of the field. One idea is to take several still frames from the video clip and use panoramic stitching software to join them together.