Saturday, November 12, 2016

Noris Raketen Aggregat - 9, Part 9, Lining Up Long Fins

The lower long fins were already glued onto the main body. Where wood was glued to body tube, wood glue was used. When wood was glued to plastic I used the Beacon Fabri-Tac glue.

Above the clothespin notice the outside edge of the upper fin is purposely cut wide. After the glue dries I can more accurately sand that edge down to match the contour of the lower fin.

A flipped clothespin was used to hold the two fin halves in alignment. The clothespin wood halves have been reversed for a even flat clamping surface : CLICK HERE

With a sanding block the sides were taken down and matched with the lower fins.
The outside edges are now square and can be rounded together.
The sides were rounded with 400 grit.

The tops of the nose cone fins were trimmed and rounded.

The long fin fitting was the hardest part of the build. The fin kit patterns were short and the curved cut lines didn't match the tailcone or the nose cone.
The negative things I've read about Norris Raketen kits are turning out to be true! The kits can be built - but be ready to make many adjustments to the parts.

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