Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Paint Observations

This nose cone was found a while back at the Orlando R.O.C.K. field. It wasn't picked up for a few weeks and I adopted it.
It's the classic PNC-60AH used in the Red Max kit.

Plastic nose cones are usually recyclable after removing the paint.

This post is not trying to critique the builder's work. I'm just making observations.

Some green paint got too low onto the shoulder. You can see where it was scraped off for a better fit in the body tube.
Sometimes you can tape the shoulder for a tighter fit in the tube when painting. It looks like this one slipped out too far when spraying.

The rounded nose cone tip didn't get fully covered with paint.
Sometimes I'll shoot paint on the nose cone tip and hard to reach areas first, then the rest of the model. That way I'm assured all the nooks and crannies get paint.

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