Monday, November 21, 2016

Estes Mini Max #2445 Build, Part 6, Fin Fill and Glue

After brushing on some thinned CWF the wood grain was raised.
The inset picture is after sanding. Some of the raised grain was sanded off leaving open pores.
More CWF followed and smooth sanding.

I glue on the launch lug before marking the body tube for the fins. It's just easier to line up the lug with the engine hook. Then line up the fin marking guide wrap with the launch lug already in place.

The root edge locations are masked off and primer / filler is shot.
You can see how rough the body tube is in the inset picture. This was taken before the primer was sanded.

The fins are glued on and Titebond M&TG fillets applied.

I had to make some adjustments to the fin lines. The marking guide was a little off.

At this stage,
If the OOP Quest Pipsqueak fins were clipped it would look like the Mini Max!

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