Thursday, November 10, 2016

Perfect Inline Launch Lugs

An email from Eric James Blitchok -  
Overeasy123 November 4, 2016
Chris, I just had a Rocket Epiphany? After all these years, and all these Rockets? I should be applying my Launch Lugs to the BT with the help of Aluminium Angle, long before approaching the Fins! They'll never be straighter!

A follow-up on November 7 - 
Why was I trying to sight down a Cherokee-D to align the Split Lugs after I’d glued the fins on?  I could easily arrive at perfection with my Aluminum Angle and some planning!  From now on my builds begin with Lugs!  Here’s a photo of my Newly-Discovered Tenet’s Implementation!  (The first of six Mini Maxes I scored in the Estes Sale.  Geez, was it fun gluing up those 13mm Mounts.) 

Hi Overeasy,
Great point! That will certainly get a single lug in a straight line or two lugs in perfect alignment.

I tend to glue the engine mount in first, then the lugs, then the fins. 
It's just easier to line up the engine hook and lug on the same side first. Some instructions have you glue the engine mount in last. Then you are dealing glue that might be setting up when trying to turn the engine hook in line with the lug!
If the lug is glued on before the fins, 
Wrap the marking guide around the tube and line up the LL line with the lug already in place,
Then mark for the fins.

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  1. I do the same. Motor mount first, then lugs - lined up with aluminum angle - then fins. I started doing the aluminum angle on every build only recently, after getting one or two on slightly crooked. And I like to save the fins till last, because I don't want them getting in the way.