Saturday, November 26, 2016

Steve Lindeman's Little Me-Me

The Estes Jetliner is one of the models currently on clearance for $4.59.
I've read a few reviews. Some have found it under powered with the A10-3t engine. It reminds me of the old BT-60 based Goonybirds. The Goonys also needed more power than the 13mm engines provided.

Steve Lindeman did a build of the Jetliner on - CLICK HERE
Steve built the Jetliner for 18mm engines but kept the 13mm engine mount and made a spool rocket out of it.
"On a side note: Take the unused original motor mount and drill two holes in line on the opposite side from the clip large enough so that can slide it up and down a launch rod as a spool rocket. I call mine "Little Me-Me" and the kids love it. Have thought of building a few more of these from scratch to give away to kids at the park on the 4th of July. Just the sort of thing to spark their interest in the hobby. Always trying to play forward."

Great idea Steve!
This spool is simply a launchable engine mount not glued into a rocket body. No launch lug is needed, punch two holes in the centering rings for the launch rod. 
Use "0" delay (booster engines) or engines with a very short delay. These spools are normally stable and have tumble recovery, so heads up! I might take a look in the spare parts box and make one.
Be sure to pick out flat wide centering rings that are much wider than the engine tubing - 5/60 or equivalent.


  1. I have one of these ready for decals. I guess we will see next weekend how under-powered it is. I thought about making it 18mm, but I just wanted an easy build, for a change.

    1. Hi Metal,
      I agree - Sometimes it's a good break to build an easier model. I'll see you at the launch!