Monday, November 14, 2016

Noris Raketen Aggregat - 9, Part 10, Short Fin Fitting

The smaller fins are cut from thick mat board, almost 1/16" thick.

The instructions say something about coating these fins with a glue and water mixture to seal them. I'll just use primer.

I did use some white glue to seal and round off the fin edges.
A bead of white glue was set down the edge and rounded over with a fingertip.
After it dried I did some light sanding with 400 grit.
The fiber fins were shot with primer/filler and sanded.

The die-cut root edge fit wasn't good. The fins are thin and glued to a plastic tail cone. I wanted as much root edge contact as I could get.
The fins were glued onto the tail cone with the Beacon Fabri-Tac glue. The joint feels flexible at first but gets harder and stronger the next day.

Enlarge the picture to see the fit.
The fitted fin is on top, you can see what trimming is needed on the lower one.

The plastic launch lug is cut in two and the ends trimmed at a 45 degree angle.
These were also glued on with Fabri-tac.

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