Friday, November 4, 2016

Noris Raketen Aggregat - 9, Part 2, Engine Mount

The engine mount tube was bigger than normal for a 24mm engine. I read that some German engines are 25mm diameter.
The inset picture shows a BT-50H (heavy wall) tube slipped inside the kit supplied tube.
I'll end up gluing this tube inside the larger one for a better fit without having to use too many wraps of masking tape.

You can see how rough the cut tube edge is on the left.

This is the line drawing for the engine mount.
It's pretty self-explanatory, if you speak German.

The engine hook didn't spring back after a light bending. I'll replace it with a spring steel hook.
There is no notch for engine hook movement indicated for the tail cone. The kit supplied hook would be bent and not usable after the first engine was slid in.


  1. Chris, I just had a Rocket Epiphany? After all these years, and all these Rockets? I should be applying my Launch Lugs to the BT with the help of Aluminium Angle, long before approaching the Fins! They'll never be straighter!

    1. Hi Overeasy,
      Great point! That will certainly get a lug in a straight line or two lugs in perfect alignment.
      This might be a good blog post! You'll certainly get name credit.
      I tend to glue the engine mount in first, then the lugs, then the fins.
      It's just easier to line up the engine hook and lug on the same side. Some instructions have you glue the engine mount in last. Then you are dealing engine mount glue that might be setting up when trying to turn the engine hook in line with the lug!