Friday, November 4, 2016

Rockets Thrown Away?

I've got a lot of rockets. Sometimes you've got to make room for the new kids. I hate throwing them away, I've got some time invested in the build.
But sometimes you get past the point of repairs.

This is a BT-50 based Jayhawk, the original produced kit Starlight. The kit is now being sold through Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack.
This is about the same size as the OOP Centuri kit but has 3/32" thick fins instead of fibreboard.
I've got an attachment to this kit, I drew up the instructions for Bob at Starlight.
There was some extra detailing. A tailcone and conduit were added. The small forward fins were set higher on the nose cone. I did a variant of the all orange missile.
I'm okay letting this one go - I have two more in bags upstairs along with the big Macow Jayhawk waiting to be built.


  1. Throw it away? That rocket still looks way better than all of my well-worn, patched-up beaters.

    Oh but wait, you're a rocketeer with dignity :^)

  2. I have never thrown away a fixable rocket. Some parts thereof occasionally. I may not have the bloated fleet you have but didn't mind inheriting a huge box of semi-dead rockets from a buddy. I like fixing, modding, and raising the dead! I bet if you take your excess to a launch they will find good homes!

    1. Hi Dick,
      I've done that before. I handed out some models to kids. They tossed them around then wanted me to give them engines.
      I just got tired of repairing this Jayhawk. I also threw out my old Centurion. After a bad staging (using one of those A10 Semroc Booster 16 units) it went horizontal into tree branches. The fin leading edges were chewed up.
      Where I can I recycle nose cones, chutes and engine hooks.

  3. Hey Chris,
    Yup, love those Starlight kits: simple, easy to build, and cheap. Built my Jayhawk stock: no boat tail or conduit. Also have the Rocketarium kit: very heavy! The supplied clay nose weight practically fills the entire nose cone. Also plan to build a clone of the Estes Pro series Jayhawk, have most of the parts.
    BTW do you know why Uncle Mike's is selling this kit under the Wolverine name? I know Starlight went out of business several years ago. Did Wolverine acquire the name and assets? Just wondering. Keep those inspirational builds and tips coming.

    1. Hi Bar Geezer,
      Uncle Mikes bought the rights to the Starlight kits. Apogee bought the nose cone molds. Wolverine is a name that UMRS uses for its kit production.
      It's interesting what you say about the nose weight in the Rocketarium Jayhawk. I was thinking about getting that one but not if the altitude ends up much lower because of all the nose weight.

  4. Next time you have to throw one away let me know. I'd love a signed Michielssen rocket!!

  5. Really! We could send you a post paid box just so you can send us your junk.

    One mans junk...