Saturday, February 18, 2017

Better Root Edge Glue Lines TIP

This method was explained in an article the Estes guys wrote on rocket building for Sport Rocketry.

Here's how a glue line looks after applying right out of the bottle.
If this were to be pressed onto the body tube the glue would probably squeeze out unevenly.
Pinch your thumb and index finger together making a small "V" at the top. While the glue line is wet, run the finger "V" down the fillet evening out the line.
Now when the root edge and glue is pressed onto the tube an even amount of glue will adhere down the length of the fin. There should be very little (if any) glue glue visible outside the root edge.

With a cleaner glue joint your fillets will end up smoother.


  1. I had never saw this before. Thanks for the tip. I have learned something new once again and at 68 that doesn't come often.

    1. Hi Frank,
      This was touched on in the Sport Rocketry article but they didn't show any pictures to explain it. I'm glad it helped out!