Thursday, February 16, 2017

Nike Goon Build, Part 6, Same Kit Differences

The two Nike Goons under construction were made from two different Baby Bertha kits.
Both had the same face card but they were obviously from two different runs.

At first the nose cones looked the same.
The cone on the left had very little molding seam, if any. The cone on the right had seam marks, highlighted with a pencil.

The shoulder bases were different. The cone on the right had a sharper taper and a smaller hole on the bottom.

When slid into the body tubes, one had a tighter fit.

The body tubes were also different.
The tube on the left was rougher with a definite spiral seam.
The right side tube had no seam! Well, there was one but it was so tight I didn't fill it with CWF. A shot of primer/filler and sanding was all it needed to fill it.

I checked the kit production date embossed into the stick on "decal".
One was 8/15/11, the other 1/25/13.

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