Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nike Goon Build, Part 5, Engine Mount

On the Goony models the engine mount is set in farther up in the body tube. This puts the center of gravity forward and makes for better stability.
The bottom bend of the engine hook is even with the bottom of the BT-60 tube.

It'd be too hard to tie the Kevlar line around the back end of the engine tube with the mount set forward.
TIP: To get the right sized loop, tie the Kevlar around a BT-20 sized tube. Use a square knot. Leave a 1/2" tail on the end so you have something to grab onto when you want to check the condition of the line.

This loop and knot shouldn't be overly tight around the tube. You should be able to move the engine hook with the Kevlar line over it.

The body tube is short. You'll have to pull the end out the back to tie the attachment loop in the line.

After the loop is tied pull it through the mount and back to the top of the tube.

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