Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Home Print Decal Tips

Home print water slide decals aren't the same as kit decals. The soak times and transfers are different.

I typically soak a home print decal for about 30 seconds in warm water. Then set the wet decal on a paper towel while it continues to release.
In my experience, home printed decals don't slide off the backing paper as easy as kit decals.
On the right I'm rubbing up on the bottom and then down on the top to be sure it is releasing from the backing. I might dip the decal in the water again if it doesn't move a little off the backing.

Always wet the are where the decal will go with a wet finger leaving water on the surface.
Be careful setting down a home print decal not allowing it to fold back onto itself. Krylon clear coat acrylic can be stretchy. Don't allow these decals to stretch, the ink could crack.
Notice the edges of the decal don't want to lay down smoothly. At this point use a paper towel to blot up most of the water.

Roll (don't wipe) a wet Q-tip over the decal from the center out to the sides to set down the edges.

I don't spray a clear coat over the entire model to seal the decals. Overall acrylic clear coats can get sticky in humid weather.
The clear coat is applied to just the decal and decal edges with a Q-tip. Dip a Q-tip in Future floor finish then dab off the excess. Roll the Q-tip over the decal.

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