Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Estes Galactic Taxi #1914 Finished

This was fun - except for the decals!
The first print of the online scan couldn't be used. The print art was fuzzy.
On the second print, cold temperatures prevented the clear coats from going on smooth. On a few of the decals, small specs of the print dissolved in the soak water. If they fit, I'll usually print two full sets and some extras on one sheet. I ended up using the extra decals to get two finished models.
The added black in the decals helps define the final look.
The picture on the lower left was taken before I added the orange decals to the bottom of the wing.
With the card stock wing fairings the model profile is out of the ordinary.
This should be a good small field flyer using an A8-3 or A6-4.


  1. A lovely tribute to those funky mid-eighties Estes designs.

  2. Chris - considering your experience building the More Rockets Mach boost glider what are your thoughts about their version of this model? $23 plus shipping seems a little steep to me but I realize it's hard to make any profit in a small niche of a niche hobby!

  3. Hi Openroad,
    I just looked it up. I wasn't aware More Rockets made a clone kit. Their decals are probably the same fuzzy scans I had to throw away. I bet they are using the same "sketchy" fairing scans already available online. The kit description says it includes an 18" parachute - Way too big for this sized model. I was not impressed with the Mach 10 kit or their copies of the Battlestar Galactica kit decals.
    Whoever owns has taken other's original art and produced kits without permission. I can't support his products.

  4. Pretty much confirms my impressions - I do like the faux starfighter style - cloning a Star Speeder or a Taxi would be a fun project.