Saturday, February 18, 2017

Nike Goon Build, Part 8, Black Trim

Home print black decals are a bit translucent on white paint. After transfer they sometimes look like a very dark gray.
I decided to hand cut the pieces from Contact Blackboard Covering material. To see it online, CLICK HERE

I've used it many times before, a single roll goes a long way. Its very thin, like a coating of paint. No masking, just cut strips and stick it on the model.

I traced the fins on some copy paper and marked the cut lines.

That template was cut out, traced and cut out of the Contact paper.

This trim won't be an exact match of the Excelsior design or the Estes Nike X kit. It's a Goony so it can just be close enough to imply the original design.

Interesting thing about the trim on the fins. Down the root edge there is a thin white separation line. The squares set on the body tube are separate pieces. You don't have to worry about tucking the vinyl into the root edge.

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