Saturday, February 11, 2017

Shipping A Model Rocket, Part 2

Here's how the model will fit in the box.
The rocket body will slide in from the top and the platform will set against the bottom. The model is raised up and the fins are suspended above the platform and away from the box corner sides.

If the nose cone is removed you can get by with a much smaller length box. The smaller the box the stronger it will be.

I did have a problem on this one. The trailing fins raised the body up and away from the engine casing.
A 1/2" dowel was cut and glued into the casing. A second casing was cut down a bit and glued onto the dowel.
Slide the model over the casings and mark where the engine hook bend ends up. Look close and you'll see the notch cut into the casing. This allows the hook to lock over and hold the model securely on the platform.

From here the model is wrapped loosely with clean copy paper. The capsule and tower were wrapped in a paper cone. You don't want to have bubble wrap or any plastic in contact with the model paint. Plastic filler can break down and stick to the finish.

Slide the model into the box, all the way to the bottom. I use wadded up plastic grocery bags to cushion the sides of the model and keep the upper end centered in the box.

Mark the box with "FRAGILE" on all sides. That may not help but I sleep better knowing I did all I could. Always insure the model for a little more than it was sold for or what it is worth to you.
In the end - Cross your fingers and GOOD LUCK!

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