Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nike Goon, Finished

This was a fun build. I didn't know if the complicated trim vinyl would work.
There are still some water slide decals to go on, a vertical red U.S. GOONY on the upper body and maybe a NIKE G on two lower fins. I won't use up a full sheet for something this small.

The Goonys are great small field flyers with A8-3 and B6-4 engines.


  1. Great work, Chris. Makes me want to order about 7 or 8 Baby Bertha kits and clone the whole Goony series. Let's see, there's the Star Snoop, Cloud Hopper..... Damn you, Michaelssen! :)
    On a side note I was wondering if you use a fin alignment guide, jig, or just the paper fin marking template and eyeball? One of the first things I got when I returned to rocketry was an Estes fin alignment guide ( vivid memories of my crooked fin rockets of my adolescence). Saves time and allows me to multi-task: I can think of a million things to do other than holding a fin in place for several minutes while the glue sets. Keep on rock(ateer)in'!

    1. Hi BAR,
      The Baby Bertha is a great buy, I pick them up with the 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby.
      For fin alignment I still use my (yet to be released) Odd'l Rockets FinTool. One of these days it'll make it to the vendors. The FinTool slides into the engine mount and sets the fins at exact 90 degree or 120 degree alignment.
      Half of the kit supplied (paper wrap around) fin marking guides aren't accurate!