Thursday, February 23, 2017

Estes Skydart II #3229 Build, Part 1, Parts

What's really different is the pop pod assembly and all the centering rings.
Parts of interest: On the top is the self-adhesive clear tape for the elevator hinge.
There are five washer weights. Also in the bag is the nylon elevator adjustment screw.
White elastic to raise the elevator. In the middle of the elastic is a very thin engine block.
In the lower center is the very thick top centering ring. This ring is glued at the top of the pop pod over the stacked washer weights.

A separate parts list is included.
Hang on to it, it comes in handy when gluing up the pop pod assembly.

Don't lose the nylon screw! It'd be hard to find a replacement. I kept it in a small bag until it was turned into the elevator set arm.


  1. I nabbed one of these guys on clearance at Estes, will be my first boost glider. Looking forward to this one.

  2. They still have the special going on.

    003229 - Astron Skydart II
    Regular Price: $28.99
    Special Price $8.29

    Think I'm getting one too.