Sunday, February 5, 2017

Launch, Orlando R.O.C.K., Februry 4, 2017

We had wind gusts and mild temperatures today. Brian C. said 35 flyers signed in.

My SPUDNIK doesn't always fly perfectly vertical. With an A10-3t engine it struggled for stability reaching about 100 feet.

The MPC RED GIANT was an "alternate" launch. Pad A1 was announced but the Red Giant on C3 launched! Straight and true with a B6-2 to about 225 feet.

The GALACTIC TAXI had a first flight with an Estes A8-3. Very stable to an estimated 200' feet.
At ejection the large spill hole parachute carried it South into the scrub but just before the tree line.

Here's one that will be covered on the blog soon, the NIKE GOON. Built from a Baby Bertha kit and based on the upcoming Estes Nike X.

The Quest B6-4 took it to 300'. All the parachute flights today used the same spill holed parachute, the snap swivel allowed easy swaps.

Even with the angled launch rod, the Nike Goon drifted South like the last flight and towards the trees. I found it bound up in some low twigs. It took a minute to untie it with no damage.

Chris Hubbard and his wife were visiting Central Florida from Canada. He always brings interesting things to fly. Today he brought the Estes Exoskell.
The C6-3 labored as the rocket turned horizontal into the wind. It ended up on the ground before the ejection charge went off. That alien had a hard landing.
Lonnie drag raced two custom Alphas.
He found the triangular Toblerone box was a good fit over the BT-50.
With streamer recovery the landing was harder than desired, the old fins were brittle.

Finally for me, a favorite - the Quest X-15.
Some X-15s were unstable. To compensate, my build had a slightly longer body tube and some added nose weight.
By now I was angling the rod into the wind even more. With an Estes B6-4 altitude was estimated at 300'. Recovery was on the grass with a short walk to pick it up.
Five up, five recovered then lunch with the gang at Del Taco!

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