Monday, February 13, 2017

Nike Goon Build, Part 2, Scaling to a BT-60

I found this picture at, from a build and review by Matthew Bond.
This is the Goony version designed and produced by Excelsior Rocketry.

I didn't have the Excelsior plan/decal set and I'm not trying to make an exact copy of the Excelsior model. There are a few Baby Bertha kits in the build pile and I wanted to make something different from them.

I dropped the Estes picture into Corel Draw, the original is on the left.
That was stretched to the diameter of a BT-60 at 1.637" wide. The stretched version is shown on the right.
Some adjustments were made. When stretched to the BT-60 width the fins were too wide.

Drawing it this way makes it closer to the Estes kit profile even though it is now wider and shorter.

A line tracing was made and copied to a new page. This gives a pretty clean representation of how the Goony version will look.


  1. Off topic:

    On Tuesday, Feb. 14, the SKYB-1 satellite, will launch. You can watch via DIRECTV channel 9550. The launch window is between 4:30 and 6 p.m. ET (1:30 and 3 p.m. PT).

    1. Thanks Scott,
      I don't have Direct TV but I'm sure I can catch the launch on local TV. Living in Orlando I see many of the launches just out my front door!

  2. Chris, I have a Nike-X Goon waiting for final primer coat. I'm confused as to why the rear fins are not flush with the rear tube, it looks odd. It must be for reasons of stability in this squat model?

    1. Hi Overeasy123,
      that's just the way Excelsior did many of the Goony fins. It helps with stability and makes the stubby rocket seem a little taller.