Saturday, February 25, 2017

Estes Skydart II #3229 Build, Part 3, Pop Pod Assembly

Combined, the five nose weight washers weigh 0.57 oz.

Here's the thick 5/50 centering ring even with the top of the short BT-5 tube.
The washer weights butt up against it. A 5/20 ring glues against the bottom of the weight stack.
The last 5/20 ring is glued even with the low end of this short BT-20 tube

Here's another place where the re-issue kit is different. Two Mylar retaining rings are glued around the engine hook.
The upper Mylar ring is glued under the top of the hook. The middle Mylar ring is glued over the hook as normal.
A 20/50 ring is glued against the upper bend of the engine hook.

Here's the finished pop-pod assembly.
On the top is the low engine end, below that the upper weighted washer assembly is glued in place.

On the reissue kit the ejection charge passes through the top of the pop pod. On the original design the top of the pod was blocked. The ejection charge went through two holes punched in the sides of the pod.


  1. Newsflash!: Protostar and Nike X now available on the Estes website. ( For those of you that have been drooling the past few weeks ).