Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Estes Sprint XL #7224 Build, Part 6, Lugs and Primer Fill

The launch lugs have to be cut in two.
The original smaller Sprint had two lugs only 1/4" long. The lug ends were cut at an angle.

This lug is simply cut in two.
To get a straight cut, wrap some tape around the lug at the halfway mark. Slide a dowel inside to support the lug, otherwise it could collapse.

As suggested by Eric James Blitchok in an email, 

TIP: An aluminum angle was used to check the alignment of the two lugs.
I used to check with a launch rod slid into or set beside them. The aluminum angle works better. You can slip it on from the side, adjust the lugs and remove it while the glue dries.
The lugs got fillets and then another fillet with Titebond M&TG.

The nose cone and tail cone were slid in and the model got a shot of Duplicolor primer/filler.
Here's how they looked after sanding. I tend to take off most all the filler. For me it's used to fill any remaining body tube seams and balsa grain after the CWF is sanded down.

Some filler/primer was left in the molding seam in the nose cone.

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