Sunday, February 19, 2017

Folding Parachutes TIP, Part 1

A Patreon supporter asked about how I fold parachutes and what is my success percentage. Here's how I do it - My success rate is almost 100% with a rare melted spot.

Look at the instructions from the old Centuri Nike Smoke instructions.
Pretty vague - "Fold chute as shown below and insert". Where do the shroud lines go? That accordion five-fold seems strange.

Here's how to fold a parachute for a taller rocket with a smaller diameter tube. The packed chute will end up long and thin, or how to pack a 12" chute in a BT-20 tube.

Right before launching - Always open a plastic sheet parachute (air out) and dust with talcum powder.

"Spike" the parachute by pinching the center with the left hand fingers.
Make an "OK" circle with your right thumb and forefinger. Slide your hand down the canopy making the spike shape.
Fold the top half of the spike in half, the top is folded down to the bottom of the canopy.

Down the length of the chute fold vertically in half.
Fold vertically in half again.

Note the chute ends up tall and narrow for a better fit in a taller, thinner diameter rocket.

Wrap the shroud lines around the chute diagonally.
After about three wraps set the remaining lines lay vertically down the wrapped chute.  More to come . . .

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