Sunday, February 12, 2017

Launch - N.E.F.A.R. Bunnell, FL, February 11, 2017

This gives you an idea about how diverse the low power rack was at Saturday's NEFAR launch.
A TLP Sidewinder, Estes Mercury Redstone, Estes Shuttle, Photon Probe, Silver Streak and the BMS 3" School Rocket.

My BMS 3" SCHOOL ROCKET was first up for me with a E9-4 engine. Even with the wind (check out the flag in the picture) boost was vertical to about 450'.
The model was nosing in when the ejection went off. Full 18" Odd'l parachute deploy and no damage.

Ethan Gartner brought his Estes Shuttle for a first flight with a D12-3.
Boost was vertical to 325'.
At ejection the shuttle was released but the glide needed some more trimming. It was trying to glide but nosed in with a tight circle.

I wasn't able to get many clear launch shots today.
The NIKE GOON had a sooty, German made Quest B6-4 flight today. Straight and true to 350'. Rare for me, it landed close!

This time with an Estes B6-4 was the GALACTIC TAXI clone. Another nominal flight to 450'.
The wind took it into the drainage ditch. It was carefully removed from some dry branches.

The Quest STILETTO was next with a D12-5, the perfect engine for this big model.
A slow turn during boost with apogee around 625'. The 18" parachute looked like it was melted but it was simply tangled and turned inside out. No damage on recovery.

I looked forward to flying the revised prototype of the upcoming Odd'l Rockets F-16 FIGHTER JET.
The night before I was making clear canopies with a new vacuum forming machine. New, slimmer missiles were added to the underside of the wing.
The B6-4 engine gave it a straight boost with no roll. Ejection was near the 350' apogee. No damage and the canopy stayed on for the entire flight!

Five flights, five recoveries and cool weather!


  1. Hey Chris,
    Didn't know you had a DeLorean time machine - I see you attended a launch in Nov. 2017! Was waiting for someone to mention it but no dice. By the way can you tell me who won the 2017 World Series? (Chaching!)
    Oh, and I wait with baited breath for your F-16 to go on sale. I have the parts and plans for the Centuri fighter series but haven't started the builds yet. Cheers!

    1. Hi Bar,
      I did that post very late last night. I don't know what I was thinking! Thanks - I've fixed the date.
      I made some more canopies today, still some tweaking to get them right. I want to make them a bit thicker than what I'm using now. 3FNC kits are easy - but this F-16 is anything but ordinary and has taken a while to get right.

  2. F-16 looks really nice! Been fun watching the development.

    1. Hi Openroad,
      This one has taken a while to get together! It's not a direct copy of the Centuri F-16 but still captures the feel of the OOP kit. The "missiles" are smaller now. The canopy was a big hurdle but worth the wait to get right.