Friday, March 2, 2012

Refinishing the Red Max Part 5 Truing Up the Decals

After all the primer was sanded, the model got an overall white undercoat.
The Red Max isn't a hard model to paint, the body is an overall red, the nose cone is black.
Nothing much to write about here.

What really sets off the Red Max is the decals.
TIP: Some small boxes were stacked to give a baseline to be sure the decals were parallel with the table top. Set the decal in place visually first, then stack CD or DVD cases until their height is near the decal baseline.

The angled cut of the fins can really throw off your visual alignment.
By using a raised baseline I was sure the lettering was in line.

My engineers ruler was stood on end to get a vertical alignment of the iron cross decal.

I centered the decals on the fins then lining up with the ruler edge I knew it was straight.

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